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Reasons Why Escorting Is Better Than Prostitution

Escorting is the profession where people who are interested in selling their time and their time only. What you choose to do in that time is totally up to you and the escort. When you are consulting with an escort, it is done in a professional way. Whether you contact them through a website or through call, it is all done in a professional way. You will have to give your details first, and then they will ask you about your preferences after you state your preferences, they will assign an escort to you based on your likings. These likings are mainly looked. That is how they sell their escorts.

Escorting is a legal thing in some countries. In the Sin City of Las Vegas, escorting is rampant indeed, so is prostitution. But, escorting is legal, and prostitution is not. Escorting has gained an edge over prostitution because of many facts. Here they are:

–    Escorting caters to all kinds of clients. Even the wealthiest clients can hire escorts and, the escort agencies will make sure that the escort is good enough for them.

–    There is a large variety of escorts for the clients to choose from.

–    Escorting is legal in a lot of countries like, France, Bangladesh, Indonesia, New Zealand, Australia, Austria, etc. All of these places have made it legal for escorts to carry out their job. Keep in mind that it differs from state to state.

–    Escorting maintains a standard that prostitution cannot hope to reach.

–    Escorts are tested, and all of them are given medical attention every once in a few months, to make sure that they are not medically compromised by some STDs or STIs. (Sexually transmitted diseases and sexually transmitted infections)

–    Escorting has an edge because the prices can be chosen by the escort, even though the agency gets a cut.

–    An escort can be independent if they want. They are not exactly controlled by a pimp like prostitutes are.

–    Escorting is a better option because it proves to provide a better life to people who choose to get into this kind of professions.

–    Escorting also has people who have maintained their figures; whether you are talking about men or women, depending on how much you want to spend, you can choose the kind of person you want to spend your time with. The choice is yours.

–    Escorting is the better option even for the person considering professions because you will be taken care of in an agency. Prostitution can get as brutal as human trafficking in some cases.

–    Some cases are so brutal that most of people won’t even be able to get out it.