If you’re interested in working for the elite, then becoming an escortee in London could be the ideal career for you. As an escort, your job will be helping men fulfill their greatest desires. Alongside providing an exclusive service to the VIP crowd Escorts also have the opportunity to meet and mingle with celebrities.


There is a huge concern regarding the legality of becoming an escort in the UK. Although it is legal to be a prostitute paid in the United Kingdom however, it is unlawful to run a brothel or solicit others to prostitution. In fact, there are some laws which specifically prohibit the work of escorts , and make it a crime to solicit people for prostitution.

The British government has legislated against prostitution. However, it has allowed some sex workers to operate within the law. The English Collective of Prostitutes was founded in 1975. It campaigns for legalization of this profession in the country. It also offers support to other groups who promote the rights of sexually active people.


There are certain requirements you must meet if are considering a job in London as an escort. You’ll need to be a reliable person, who is social and can be and is dependable. Also, you’ll need to listen to your customers. You’ll be working throughout the UK but you’ll most active in London.

It is legal in the UK to escort women and it is a popular career option. Although it’s still considered taboo in some areas, you can earn an income as an escort. There are many different requirements for becoming an escort in London that include a formal education background and experience.


Becoming an escort in London has many advantages. Modern life in London requires a lot of energy and time and a lot of people opt for work over romance. This is why an escort can provide much-needed relationship.

As an escortee, can take pleasure in the company and love of gorgeous women. You can ease tension in the sexual realm and assist men to relax. As an escort, you’ll be able to offer no-strings-attachment entertainment to tourists and business travelers.

Working with an escort firm

If you’re looking to become an escort in London and the surrounding areas, you can join with an agency for escorting. Mature Kent escorts will assess applicants and charge a commission. These agencies may not provide any information on where to find clients , but they will ensure that their escorts are secure against legal issues. They also have professional websites that screen applicants.

As an escort you must be committed to the job. This is an ongoing commitment. You must be prepared to work hard to prove yourself. A escort firm might not be the ideal option for you if do not feel committed to the work. These agencies can help you gain experience and make an impressive amount of money.